Tank Monitoring in Tanzania

July 12, 2017


In February 2017, H2ONow team travelled to Tanzania to deploy together with ONGAWA’s local team the first pilot for a regional level water management remote system. The area in Tanzania chosen by ONGAWA for this pilot was in the Kilimanjaro region and the Same district. The infrastructure to be monitored gave service to the town of Kihurio.


The Kihurio water scheme receives it’s water from the Saseni river. The scheme is composed by a intake and a canal that serves both purposes, crop irrigation and water supply to the nearby villages. The water supply infrastructure has a filtering tank, that can be bypassed if necessary and a main pipe that feeds into three water tanks.



The hardware for this pilot was purpose built for this project. The components chosen were selected for their robustness and many are industrial grade.

The main components of the device are:

  • Datalogger module
  • Communication module
  • Primary lithium battery
  • GSM antenna
  • Pressure sensor
  • Volumetric flow sensor

The no-rechargeable lithium battery was chosen versus a LiPo and solar panel strategy in order test the behavior of this type of battery on the field compared to the theoretical specification of this type of products. This battery has, since February, completed more than 50 connections to the mobile network and sent thousands of data points.


The device starting sending information inmediatly providing actionable data for the water manager from day one!



The local team was really excited with the possibilities that this system hope and were hoping for a district level deployment in all the infrastructure to be able to monitor all the infrastructure as a single system.

See you soon Tanzania! 🙂